Bern, Switzerland

As one of the youngest ever Account Managers my progress at Océ Switzerland was carefully monitored. I succeeded in providing customers with the right solutions in both hardware and software and achieving my sales results.
Due to a change in their strategic business approach Océ Switzerland took me on as their first Account Manager in the office space after almost three years without contacting customers in this market tier. These circumstances made my start into sales exciting and challenging and provided me with lots of experience in customer interaction and objection handling.

Aesch, Switzerland

In my role in the purchasing department I was responsible for the procurement of all items required in the construction of ultra-pure water systems used worldwide (e.g. nuclear power-plants or manufacturing of computer processors). My area of expertise was the procurement of office hardware required for the setup of new branches. While at Christ Aqua I enjoyed my first overseas posting in Israel.

Logistics Officer


1999 – 2000

Laufen, Switzerland

I assisted with the logistics for the flow of raw ingredients and the export of over 64 tonnes of candy daily of Switzerland’s most famous herb lozenge.

nedlloyd_logo_3468Apprenticeship International Freight Forwarding and Logistics

P&O Nedlloyd Logistics

August 1994 – August 1997
Pratteln, Switzerland

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